The Omar Yachteen Scholarship

This scholarship is established in the name of brother Omar Yachteen who was one of the influential, founders and most helpful brothers in our society may Allah have peace on him. We ask Allah (s.w.t) to bless all those brothers and sisters funding this scholarship fund.

The total amount of the Omar Yachteen scholarship is $15000 per acdemic year. The scholarship programs offers the following:

  • 3 Academic scholarships: $500 each for the top 3 students in Iqra’ Academy ($500 * 3 =$1500)
  • Up to 9 scholarships on need + excellence (minimum of B) (Majority are for people who otherwise would not attend Iqra’ Academy).

IQRA’ Academy Financial Aid amount is set at the beginning of each Academic year which will be based on need + excellence (minimum of B) and decided by the financial aid committee in Iqra’ Academy.

To apply for the scholarship program, read and fill out the following document and return to the principal of the school: